The Dissent Pullover Kit with Cascade Heritage in Teal: Large




The Dissent pullover by Andrea Rangall is a light weight top down sweater inspired by Ruth Bader Ginseburg’s dissent jabot.   We love what Supreme Court Justice Ginseburg stood for and have created a kit for you to knit this sweater.    We used fingering weight yarn in 2 solid colors to allow for the detail in the yoke to pop.  We have put together colors that are special to our shop including ‘Plymouth Harbor Blues’, ‘Cranberry’ and ‘Old Sandwich Road in the Fog’ .  Yarns are 100% merino wool superwash fingering weight.  Options include hand dyed or Cascade Heritage.

Kit below includes 5 skeins of Cascade Heritage plus pattern


dissent pulloverdissentpullovercascade teal

Kits are available in large with 1,708 yards of main color (4 skeins) plus 1 skein of contrast color for standard length.  Kit includes pattern.



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